My First Everyday Words

in Cantonese & English

My First Everyday Words in Cantonese & English introduces Cantonese language and culture to preschool children. This book is unique in its focus on colloquial Cantonese, not formal written Chinese.  Chinese characters are color-coded to the pronunciation and English translation. This book is ideal for when families or caregivers are not fully fluent in spoken Cantonese or written Chinese.

Starting with “Good Morning!”, this picture book contains conversational questions, phrases and words to take you through a day in the life of a toddler. A special section for dim sum, a Cantonese cuisine and tradition of small, bite-sized plates, is also included. 

free audio recording is included.

ISBN: 978-0999273036

what people are saying

“why do i love this Cantonese English book?”

“It is very rare to have Cantonese romanization with Chinese characters and English translation. For parents who are not native Cantonese speakers, or not fluent in Cantonese, this is the perfect book for introducing Cantonese to their kids.

I also love the sequence and order of the book. It simply talks about the day of a toddler/preschooler from waking up in the morning, choosing what clothes to wear, doing different daily activities, eating, playing with toys, and going to bed at night.”

– Fortune Cookie Mom
My First Everyday Words in Cantonese & English (full review)

“The sentence format that is used is very effective for teaching.

For those who are not advanced in Cantonese this is the best book I have ever seen.

Lastly it is very easy to teach Cantonese to kids using this book even if you are not super fluent due to the multiple ways the words are presented. It even color codes the characters to the pronunciation and English translation!!!”

My First Everyday Words in Cantonese & English
– 5-star review on Amazon

This book was perfect!

My family is a mixed culture home. My husband is Cantonese and I am white.

This book is not only wonderful for our Daughter but its great for me too. I am currently learning Cantonese as well as trying to teach our 2 year old. This book is so perfect. 

The Dim Sum section is a great help (yes I pulled this book out to try to order some items in Cantonese). But its the whole book that great. Thank you so much for giving us something to help us learn and bring our family closer. My in-laws loved it! Well, they loved us speaking Cantonese. <3″

My First Everyday Words in Cantonese & English
– 5-star review on Amazon

Peek Inside the Book!

bilingual in cantonese & english with free audio

  • All phrases are focused on everyday communication with your toddler
  • A free audio recording is included
  • Phrases are color-coded to their English translations, making it easier for adults and kids to learn together

Fill-in-the-blank sentences

  • Unique sentence structure lets you create new phrases more flexibly
  • Traditional Chinese characters
  • Jyutping and an alternate phonetic pronunciation are included

bonus dim sum section

  • Popular dim sum dishes let you and your toddler prepare for your next trip to the dim sum restaurant! (It worked for our family!)