Welcome to Green Cows Books. We make fun bilingual books for kids, with a focus on spoken Cantonese. We also have books in Traditional and Simplified Chinese.

Our books make it easy for families to have fun learning Chinese together. Our Cantonese books are written in spoken Cantonese, Jyutping romanization and English. Most books include online audio.


Our books are available from: UK (Cypress Books), Australia (Abbey’s). Most locations: Amazon

Traditional and Simplified Chinese

Our books are available from: UK (Cypress Books), Australia (Abbey’s). Most locations: Amazon

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Our books are available from: UK (Cypress Books), Australia (Abbey’s). Most locations: Amazon

This is not a typical Chinese book for learning a language. Typical methods, especially for Cantonese, don’t always work when reading in written Cantonese.

In all her books, Karen uses conversational phrases. They focus on colloquial Cantonese, not formal written Chinese.

Under each Chinese character, you’ll find a Jyutping pronunciation and a phonetic pronunciation. These books also include a color-coded English translation.”

– Fortune Cookie Mom, My First Animals in Cantonese
(full review with supplemental activities)

“I love the structure of the book. It’s got traditional Chinese, English, and phonetic sounding of the words, plus color-coded translations.

It’s a mini-adventure to the farm, zoo, ocean, etc, home. Again, this is a great resource for parents whose Cantonese isn’t as proficient as English. They and their kids can learn Cantonese together.”

My First Animals in Cantonese
– 5-star review on Amazon

“The sentence format that is used is very effective for teaching.

For those who are not advanced in Cantonese this is the best book I have ever seen.

Lastly it is very easy to teach Cantonese to kids using this book even if you are not super fluent due to the multiple ways the words are presented. It even color codes the characters to the pronunciation and English translation!!!”

My First Everyday Words in Cantonese & English
– 5 star review on Amazon

With young kids learning Chinese as a 2nd language, we are always trying to find fun ways to incorporate Chinese into our everyday lives. This adorable book helps to establish a foundation of everyday activities in Chinese. Since we are not native Chinese speakers, having Pinyin, Chinese characters as well as English makes it easier for both of us to read with our elementary school kiddos. 

The illustrations are colorful and beautiful and it’s fantastic to have related vocabulary words on the side of the page. The style and set up of this book makes Chinese accessible and fun which is perfect for new learners.

Ge Ge and Di Di’s Big Day with Elephant (Traditional Chinese) – 5-star review on Amazon

Advance Reader Feedback

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