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Welcome! My bilingual books adventure...

Green Cows Books is an adventure in bilingual books for kids.

As a parent raising my kids to be trilingual in the United States, I know how challenging it can sometimes feel, especially when you're the only one speaking your language. My own journey started with Cantonese, a Chinese dialect. I quickly noticed how difficult it was to find bilingual materials (especially fun ones!), and began creating my own books.

Green Cows Books began with Cantonese, but I soon heard from others who faced similar challenges. Most recently, I'm delighted to share that my books are now also available in Mandarin Chinese, Swedish, Polish, German, Korean and Brazilian Portuguese. I continue to be inspired by my own kids and by the success stories other families have shared with me, and hope to support all of us on our learning adventures.

Multilingual Series

Now in eight more languages!

Chinese (Traditional, Simplified), Cantonese, Swedish, Polish, German, Brazilian Portuguese and Korean!

The Alex and Tom series offers a fun way for kids to learn basic household vocabulary and everyday dialog. Our first book takes the reader on an adventure around the house - through the living room, outdoors, kitchen, bedroom and dinner and bedtime routines.

Alex and Tom is available in multiple languages - including Swedish, German, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Korean, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified) and Cantonese.

Teach your kids Cantonese while keeping them entertained with these fun, bilingual language resources. These materials are specifically designed for families where not everyone is fully fluent in Cantonese - making it easy for Dad, Mom or the grandparents to learn along at the same time! All books are available on Amazon USA, UK and Canada - as well as other major retailers.

Also in Traditional and Simplified Chinese.

Also in Traditional and Simplified Chinese.

Mandarin Chinese Books

In Traditional and Simplified Chinese, and Cantonese

In Traditional and Simplified Chinese, and Cantonese

In Traditional and Simplified Chinese, and Cantonese

In Traditional and Simplified Chinese, and Cantonese

What my readers say

"It is SUPER RARE to find a book that had English, Cantonese, and phonetic pronunciation and Chinese characters for every word. The sentence format that is used is very effective for teaching. For those who are not advanced in Cantonese this is the best book I have ever seen. Lastly it is very easy to teach Cantonese to kids using this book even if you are not super fluent due to the multiple ways the words are presented. It even color codes the characters to the pronunciation and English translation!!!"

Five star Amazon review for "My First Everyday Words in Cantonese & English"

"As an ABC who can speak a little Cantonese and barely read Chinese, this book is perfect. It uses words as they are spoken in Cantonese instead of the formal way when it's written. The few other books I've been able to find use the formal way, which is confusing for me since I didn't learn it that way, plus it's not the way you would actually speak, which is the first thing I want to instill in my son. The sentences are simple, so it's great for teaching my son basic vocabulary, and it was simple enough that I could follow along with the Jyutping. FYI, the story follows Goh Goh and Dai Dai doing all sorts of daily activities... in the living room, outside, kitchen, eating, and bedtime routine. Please write more books like this!!!"

Five star Amazon review for "Goh Goh and Dai Dai's Big Day with Elephant"