My First Animals in Cantonese

My First Animals in Cantonese is unique in its focus on colloquial Cantonese, not formal written Chinese. This book introduces Cantonese language and culture to preschool children, and is ideal for families or caregivers who may not be fully fluent in spoken Cantonese or written Chinese.

This picture book uses conversational questions, phrases and words to take you on a journey to a farm, a zoo, a park and the oceanside.

Each word is written in traditional Chinese characters and color-coded to the Jyutping and alternate phonetic pronunciations, and English. 

A free audio recording is included. 

ISBN: 978-0999273005

What people are saying

“I found Amazing Cantonese-English books for kids, and they have everything.”

“This is not a typical Chinese book for learning a language. Typical methods, especially for Cantonese, don’t always work when reading in written Cantonese.

In all her books, Karen uses conversational phrases. They focus on colloquial Cantonese, not formal written Chinese.

Under each Chinese character, you’ll find a Jyutping pronunciation and a phonetic pronunciation. These books also include a color-coded English translation.”

– Fortune Cookie Mom, My First Animals in Cantonese
 (full review with supplemental activities)

I love the structure of the book. It’s got traditional Chinese, English, and phonetic sounding of the words, plus color-coded translations.

It’s a mini-adventure to the farm, zoo, ocean, etc, home. Again, this is a great resource for parents whose Cantonese isn’t as proficient as English. They and their kids can learn Cantonese together.”

My First Animals in Cantonese
– 5-star review on Amazon

“Both my daughter and I love this book! As an “ABC” Cantonese speaker who can’t read/write, the Jyutping is exceptionally helpful for me.

I find myself learning some animals with her! My daughter pulls this book out almost everyday and she seems to really enjoy that the animals are real pictures vs. illustrations. Please make more books @Karen Yee!

This book was perfect! My family is a mixed culture home. My husband is Cantonese and I am white.”

My First Animals in Cantonese
– 5-star review on Amazon

Peek Inside the Book!

We’re going to the Farm!

  • All phrases are focused on everyday communication with your toddler
  • A free audio recording is included
  • Phrases are color-coded to their English translations, making it easier for adults and kids to learn together

Fill-in-the-blank sentences

  • Unique sentence structure lets you create new phrases more flexibly
  • Traditional Chinese characters
  • Jyutping and an alternate phonetic pronunciation are included

Practical, Everyday phrases

  • All phrases focus on everyday communication