Hi there! This blog is a small experiment. From time to time, I may share thoughts on bilingual learning, book publishing, or simply being a parent.

A Cantonese picture book for those who don’t speak Cantonese

Welcome! My hope is to find others who are passionate about bilingual education and having more Cantonese learning materials, especially ...
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How I fake storytime

Storytime has really highlighted how little Chinese I read and write. For the past few years, I’ve mostly faked storytime ...
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LingoAce – Trial Class!

I'd posted a review on TrustPilot after my sign-up experience, which took months and a lot of effort. Eventually, someone ...
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Green Onion Pancakes – just like Playdough?

My 3-year-old made green onion pancakes for our dinner the other day. And I have to say, they came out ...
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LingoAce sign-up Secrets – An English-speaker experience

As American-Born Chinese, we don't speak Mandarin. However, my older son learned Mandarin in preschool and we feel passionately about ...
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CHSA and Green Cows Books Logos

Learning Cantonese – A Family Adventure

“If flamingos turn pink when they eat so much shrimp, why don’t cows turn green when they eat so much ...
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LingoAce Secrets – Part 2

We finally did it - we signed up for LingoAce. This is something I had wanted to do for months, ...
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Cantonese Seek-and-Find Book (Coming soon!)

Over the past couple years, I've been working on a new book. I'm excited to share that it'll be a ...
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