NEW! Alex and Tom’s Big Day

with Elephant (Korean-English)

Two brothers, Alex and Tom, have an unexpected visitor! Join them on their adventures around the house with Elephant. 

Along the way, your child will have fun learning everyday dialog and household vocabulary.  You’ll visit the living room and kitchen, go outside to play, and go through dinner and bedtime routines. 

This adorable book has been kid-tested to help families have fun learning routine household words together!

ISBN: 978-1955188005

Peek Inside the Book!

Korean - In the living room

biliingual in Korean & English

  • All phrases are focused on everyday communication with your toddler
  • Each word is written in Hangul with romanization and English. 

Point-and-Find as you read

  • Vocabulary lists let parents and children point-and-name items on the page together.
  • Key characters are color-coded to their English translations.

Tour the House

  • Learn basic vocabulary on a playdate around the house
  • Beautiful illustrations make learning fun!