Chinese for Kids

Our Chinese books are for families where not everyone is fluent in Cantonese, and possibly no one reads Chinese.  Like our own!

Teach your kids Chinese while keeping them entertained with our fun, bilingual language books.  Our books make it easy for Dad, Mom or the grandparents to learn while teaching the kids.

We focus on conversational Chinese, and include Chinese characters, Pinyin and English.  Books are available in Simplified and Traditional Chinese.

Books are available on Amazon and other retailers.

What people are saying

“Great bilingual book for learning English and Chinese. This book is very cute.

Each page is a different room or place in the house (kitchen, backyard, bedroom, etc) and introduces 8-10 vocabulary words. It’s nice because we can point and look at things on the page, same as we do in English.

My little one’s favorite scene is the outside one with the kite and ball. The pictures are great and very whimsical. Even gifted to another friend!”

Ge Ge and Di Di’s Big Day with Elephant (Traditional Chinese)
-5-star review on Amazon

“Fantastic Chinese/English book for children

With young kids learning Chinese as a 2nd language, we are always trying to find fun ways to incorporate Chinese into our everyday lives. This adorable book helps to establish a foundation of everyday activities in Chinese. Since we are not native Chinese speakers, having Pinyin, Chinese characters as well as English makes it easier for both of us to read with our elementary school kiddos. 

The illustrations are colorful and beautiful and it’s fantastic to have related vocabulary words on the side of the page. The style and set up of this book makes Chinese accessible and fun which is perfect for new learners.

We can’t wait to read about more adventures of these brothers and their cute elephant friend.”

Ge Ge and Di Di’s Big Day with Elephant (Traditional Chinese)
-5-star review on Amazon


Provide Feedback for Future Books

Whether you have ideas about future book topics or improvements, or are simply willing to share what’s worked for you, I’d love to hear from you. If you’re open to providing more formal feedback on books I’m already working on, please sign up using the form below. Thank you for your support!